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Episode 51: 3 Kinds of Games to Play at a Game Convention

In Episode 51 of Cards and Cubes, we have a short intro about themes which affect our interest in games.

We go on to games played, which this week include Alchemists, Massive Darkness, Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game, and Space Gate Odyssey.

Our topic this week is “3 Kinds of Games to Play at a Game Convention” inspired by the upcoming SaltCON End of Summer 2021.

Games on the Horizon include Alchemists: The King’s Golem, On Mars: Alien Invasion, Dune: Imperium – Rise of Ix, Forests of Pangaia, and Overstocked.

If you’re coming to SaltCON End of Summer 2021, come to our Live Recording on Friday at 8PM in Twilight 4!

0:00 – Intro

0:34 – How theme affects our interests in board games – Scarface 1920

Games Played
6:24 – Alchemists
19:42 – Massive Darkness
27:33 – Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game
32:28 – Space Gate Odyssey

3 Kinds of Games to Play at a Game Convention
41:08 – Intro: SaltCON

43:16 – Trevor’s Number 3: Games that are difficult to get to the table – large games that are difficult to teach: Vital Lacerda games, campaign games
45:09 – Hristo’s Number 3: Games with unusual mechanics, games with gimmicks – 4 Gods, Kero, Pendulum, Jetpack Joyride, Inuit, Stonehenge and the Sun

47:57 – Trevor’s Number 2: Games that you’re thinking about buying – Hot Games at SaltCON
51:36 – Hristo’s Number 2: Games which take many people to play and are kind of a commitment, experimental / experience games – Blood on the Clocktower, Dune, Welcome To… with 100 people.

55:18 – Trevor’s Number 1: “Play to Win” games and tournaments
57:12 – Hristo’s Number 1: Dexterity games

Games on the Horizon
1:02:48 – Alchemists: The King’s Golem
1:06:09 – On Mars: Alien Invasion
1:09:07 – Dune: Imperium – Rise of Ix
1:15:45 – Forests of Pangaia
1:16:48 – Overstocked

1:19:23 – Podcast Live Recording at SaltCON

1:20:15 – Outro

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