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Episode 50: Hidden Information in Tabletop Games

In Episode 50 of Cards and Cubes, our games played over the last couple of weeks are Nippon, Unlock!: Mythic Adventures, The Prodigals Club with Last Will, and Cubitos.

As prompted by some recent experiences playing on Board Game Arena and its dynamic scoring, our topic today is Hidden Information in Tabletop Games.

Our Games on the Horizon this week include Gloomholdin’, Fort: Cats & Dogs Expansion, Kyoto, Lost Explorers, Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders, and Excavation Earth.

0:00 – Intro

3:12 – Grail Games and supporting publishers

Games Played
8:21 – Nippon
25:24 – Unlock!: Mythic Adventures
33:02 – The Prodigals Club with Last Will
52:58 – Cubitos

Hidden Information in Tabletop Games
1:03:30 – Board Game Arena and dynamically calculated scores – Nidavellir, Beyond the Sun
1:05:58 – Altering the experience of games and the skill of reading the board
1:09:09 – The person who is leading in points vs potential – Root
1:10:45 – Games built on hidden scores – No Thanks, public vs hidden score – specifically auctioning games – Ra, Medici, Modern Art, Raccoon Tycoon
1:13:16 – Preferences of hidden vs open information – Renature, Cthulhu Wars
1:15:40 – Completely open information games and a “chessy” feel – Kemet
1:18:58 – Open information games leading to “scripted” gameplay – The Expanse
1:22:30 – “Take that” games which rely on open information – Love Letter, Cogs and Comissars, Exploding Kittens
1:24:01 – Over-attacking as a result of open information, alternative paths to victory – Blood Rage, Oath
1:27:19 – Conclusion

Games on the Horizon
1:31:36 – Gloomholdin’
1:34:49 – Fort: Cats & Dogs Expansion
1:36:40 – Kyoto
1:38:42 – Lost Explorers
1:40:58 – Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders
1:44:09 – Excavation Earth

1:49:21 – Outro

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