Season 1

Episode 47: Tabletop Game Awards

In Episode 47, we begin with a short discussion about game scarcity and out of print issues.

We follow with our games played section which includes Chinatown, Genoa, Eschaton, Oriflamme, CuBirds, Codex Naturalis, Jekyll vs. Hyde, and Tybor the Builder.

Our combined topic and news item for the day is Tabletop Game Awards, and in particular the recent announcements for the Spiel des Jahres and Golden Geek Awards nominees. Some games which caught our eye include The Adventures of Robin Hood, MicroMacro: Crime City, Fantasy Realms, Paleo, Beyond the Sun, Forgotten Waters, The Search for Planet X, Super-Skill Pinball: 4-Cade.

Games on the Horizon include Conspiracy: Abyss Universe, My Father’s Work, Mandala Stones, and The Witcher: Old World.

0:00 – Intro

0:30 – Out of print games, collecting, and scarcity

Games Played
8:28 – Chinatown and Genoa
23:13 – Eschaton
36:37 – Oriflamme
41:55 – CuBirds
47:31 – Between Two Cities: Capitals
54:57 – Codex Naturalis
1:00:37 – Jekyll vs. Hyde
1:09:28 – Tybor the Builder

Tabletop Game Awards
1:13:38 – Spiel des Jahres and Golden Geek Awards
1:14:43 – Our feelings and attitudes towards tabletop game awards
1:18:31 – Different methods of determining winners
1:25:00 – Spiel des Jahres – nominees and recommendations
1:27:38 – Spiel des Jahres highlight: The Adventures of Robin Hood
1:33:54 – Spiel des Jahres highlight: MicroMacro: Crime City
1:40:18 – Spiel des Jahres highlight: Fantasy Realms
1:42:40 – Spiel des Jahres highlight: Paleo
1:48:52 – Golden Geek Awards – nominees and “zoomable” games
1:51:39 – Golden Geek Awards highlight: Beyond The Sun
1:56:45 – Golden Geek Awards highlight: Forgotten Waters
2:01:20 – Golden Geek Awards highlight: The Search for Planet X
2:03:23 – Golden Geek Awards highlight: Super-Skill Pinball: 4-Cade

Games on the Horizon
2:10:16 – Conspiracy: Abyss Universe
2:12:23 – My Father’s Work
2:18:13 – Mandala Stones
2:20:42 – The Witcher: Old World

2:27:35 – Outro

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