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Episode 43: What’s in a Game

In Episode 43 of Cards and Cubes, we talk about some games we’ve played recently, including L.L.A.M.A., Dune: Imperium, Pixie Queen, Bloodborne: The Board Game, and Steampunk Rally Fusion.

Our discussion today is what’s in a game – in other words, what we feel qualifies as a game, and we go into a recent case which prompted the discussion.

Games on the horizon include Caper: Europe, V-Commandos, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood of Venice, Hippocrates, John Company: Second Edition, and Ginkgopolis.

0:00 – Intro

0:31 – Easter

2:38 – Trivia: Reiner Knizia – how many games has he designed and how many published editions do they have?

Games Played
7:51 – L.L.A.M.A.
13:46 – Dune: Imperium
25:53 – Pixie Queen
34:41 – Bloodborne: The Board Game
48:51 – Steampunk Rally Fusion

What’s in a Game
56:03 – Definitions
58:53 – What doesn’t feel like a game? Competition and luck.
1:03:02 – Ability to make decisions
1:04:56 – Social aspect and feelings of control, even if the game has a lot of luck
1:05:23 – Ratio of game length to luck
1:06:46 – RPGs, games with a significant social aspect
1:10:18 – Well-defined rulesets, puzzles, structure
1:16:17 – Sense of progression, accomplishment, special moments
1:17:34 – Case study: Etherfields

Games on the Horizon
1:38:46 – Caper: Europe
1:41:55 – V-Commandos, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood of Venice
1:46:05 – Hippocrates
1:50:49 – John Company: Second Edition
2:02:01 – Ginkgopolis

2:04:20 – Outro

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