Medici, Bus

Medici is a decent set collection auctioning game from Reiner Knizia’s auctioning trilogy. I feel just OK playing it. It’s pretty straightforward, and I feel like a large part of why we picked to play it was because it goes up to 6 and it does so gracefully – unlike other games which explode in playtime at that player count. Inoffensive, but a bit random.

Bus is a reprint of the 1999 Splotter game. I had never played the old version. For 1999, it was probably impressive, but it just felt like a heavy take that game wrapped in some kind of route building economic package with worker placement concepts. To be honest, I’m not impressed. Some things in the game feel significantly out of your control, and it’s also extremely unpleasant to play due to what feels like a series of extremely negative interactions. Do you want to lose a victory point to make sure the other 3 players don’t gain 2 each? This is the game for that.

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