Luxor: The Mummy’s Curse

Luxor: The Mummy’s Curse is an expansion to Luxor. It changes up the base game with modules, which can be added piecemeal. We opted to play with all of them. There are doubled-up tiles for the first 8 spaces so that the start of the game is more persistent, perhaps encouraging less rushing forward, asymmetric player powers, starting cards, and… the mummy!

Having played it a couple of times now, I’m still a bit undecided, although I generally tolerate it and find it interesting. It does make the game a bit more “thinky” and it slows down a bit as players try to find ways to time their pawns and cards just right to avoid getting knocked down by the mummy, which walks around the board against the adventurers. The unfortunate part is, it introduces a “roll to stand up” mechanic which punishes you by most likely skipping your turn. Standing up is optional, and you can continue playing with your standing adventurers, but it does feel bad if someone circumstantially or deliberately ruins your day. Considering the game is effectively a remake of Trouble/Sorry!/Pachisi, the mechanic feels right at home – but I would say it might make the expansion somewhat passable as a result for some.

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