Rhino Hero: Super Battle, Mystery House: Adventures in a Box

Continuing on with our dexterity games-laden week, we played Rhino Hero: Super Battle along with replays of some other games. Rhino Hero is always fun. I enjoy it for what it is – it’s entertaining in a lighthearted way.

I’d say the highlight of the evening was the “Family Portrait” scenario of Mystery House: Adventures in a Box. It came in a strange side-opening box and it took us significantly longer than the allotted hour, along with an embarrassing amount of hints. It was an odd mixture of fun and not so much fun for me, for different reasons, and I think it might be a game we will talk more about when we play the other scenario which comes in the box. It offers a very unique “look through the side into an unfolding maze of cards” gimmick, but I’m not sure if it’s fully successful at what it tries to do.

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