Riff Raff, ICECOOL2, Letter Jam

Riff Raff was neat! Putting it together was a bit of a construction project, but it was not as bad as I expected it to be. The pendulum mechanics work extremely well, placing things and balancing all the objects is more difficult than I expected, the catching mechanic is unique and gives you hope to salvage something even if you fail. Overall it was a great, unique, and highly enjoyable balancing dexterity game for me.

I personally find ICECOOL2 to be a depressing game – which is a bit odd considering its theme and target audience. I had a lot of fun messing around and flicking the penguins before the beginning of the game, but once the game starts and the pressure is on to make shots, every miss feels terrible (and I had a lot). Considering the game is probably about ~15 shots, it’s very significant to make each one count. I have probably had more fun flicking around before the game than actually playing the game every time I’ve tried it so far. It’s probably because I’m so bad at it though.

Letter Jam is as good as always. Every play continues to be as enjoyable as the first, and even though we did relatively badly tonight, it was a lot of fun playing. The game had a mention in our Halloween podcast episode, so check it out!

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