Tower of Madness

I played Tower of Madness again at International Games Day at the Viridian Event Center – Salt Lake City, UT .

Fun, lighthearted Ker Plunk and Yahtzee mash-up in the H. P. Lovecraft universe. It is quite silly, and it seems like a terrible mix for people who prefer Euro games, but the sheer fun of it somehow not only salvages it, but also pulls it together in a way where I think I might always say yes if someone wants to play this.

International Games Day is a wonderful event, which happens once a year. We are lucky to enjoy the game library provided by SaltCON organizers at the Viridian Event Center! There’s always quality titles, and some of the organizers even share their personal games with attendees, so you can check them out and play them!

It’s always a great time!

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