Miyabi, The Artemis Project

Seeing Michael Kiesling as the designer made me interested in Miyabi despite it being published by HABA. Unfortunately, while the game is clever and feels good to play, my concern about it was justified – it is a bit too light for my taste. It faintly reminds me of Sanssouci; unfortunately, I think I might enjoy Sanssouci more. It was great fun for a few plays, and I probably won’t refuse if someone wants to play it, but I don’t think I want to own it.

I had had The Artemis Project for almost a year now, and I played half a game of it during SaltCON last year, emerging from that play with mixed feelings. I finally decided to reread the rules, unpack my copy, and get it played. It’s a bit clunky and on the simpler side, but it’s a neat game which combines several mechanics – bidding, engine building, drafting, resource conversion, and even majorities – all driven by dice placement. I don’t think it’s a candidate for game of the year exactly, but it accomplishes what it sets out to do well – and I did enjoy my play of it. The only thing I somewhat dislike is that there can be hefty take that which might decide the game in the last round. But, I had fun playing it despite some its small shortcomings.

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